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Senior Citizen 2 hour Behind the Wheel $165.00

The Way Driving School Policies

Attendance Policies

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks notice to be schedule for your Drivers Training appointment.

If the student is going to be absent for a scheduled driving time, the parent/legal guardian must provide at least 24-hour notice to the school. If no notice is given to the school, and the scheduled appointment is missed, there will be a charge of $35.00 to the parent/guardian. The student’s certificate of completion may be withheld until payment is received.  All 6 hours of required instructed driving time must be completed in 6 months from the original enrollment date. If the enrollment date expires and you will like to reactivate the account there will be a $99.00 charge. 

The following will result in immediate dismissal of the driving program with no refund: The student arrives for the driving session under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance not prescribed by a licensed physician. 

Refund Policies

* There will be a $65.00 penalty fee if course instruction is cancelled at all, for any reason, before the first scheduled instruction session.

* There will be no refunds after the first session begins.

* There will be no refunds if student is expelled from program for disciplinary problems. 

* There will be no refunds if parent or student are “dissatisfied” with the instruction provided. Each case will be investigated and dealt at the discretion of The Way Driving School management on a case-by-case basis. 

Parent/Minor Responsibility Policies

The Way Driving School accepts the following from the parent/guardian and minors: Scheduling appointments, canceling appointments, accepting payment, accepting cancellation charges, other additional charges. You, the parent/guardian, authorize your minor to conduct the listed responsibilities with The Way Driving School.

Instructor Certification

All our instructors are male, certified and authorized to work with minors. License numbers are available upon your request.

Please Note: The Way Driving School reserves the right to change, modify, or add to the policy statement at any time, for any reason without notification.


By clicking AGREE & ENROLL, you (the customer) agree to The Way Driving School's Terms and Conditions

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