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The Way Driving School provides only the best in driver's education and behind the wheel training.

The State of California requires that in addition to the completion of the classroom (or online) driver's education and obtaining a completion certificate (O.L 237) or (DL 400), a minor must also complete 6 hours of professional behind the wheel training at a California DMV licensed driving school. Once the student obtain's the learner's permit, please call us to schedule the first driving lesson. Remember, the learner's permit is not valid until the student begins the behind the wheel instruction and the instructor signs the permit. Upon completion of the behind the wheel driver's training, the driving school will issue a certificate of completion of the behind the wheel training (O.L 238) This completion certificate shall be presented to the DMV on the day of the final driver's test to be licensed in the state of California. The Way Driving School offers a combination package which includes both driver's education and behind the wheel driver's training.


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Driver's training 6 Hours

Our driver's training program is given accordance to DMV requirements. It is divided into 3 lessons, 2 hours each lesson. We prepare our students with the fundamentals of the driving tasks that allows them to continue practicing with any other licensed adult. Our instructors instruct lessons starting at the most basic: accelerating and braking, making right and left turns, scanning and identifying hazards. Then we move into more complicated situations out in the real world: heavy traffic, parking, pedestrian and bicyclist awareness, construction zones, and freeways (if conditions allow). Freeway training will take place on local freeways and will include mergers onto and off freeways, as well as lane changes.


Online Driver's Education

This course has been approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV CA) and will fulfill your mandatory California Driver's Education Requirements. The program is in section form with 10 units. At the end of each unit the student will have to answer a quiz to obtain minimum of 80% correct answers in order to be able to continue onto the next unit. If a student fails, the student can re-study the unit and re-take the quiz. Upon completion, we will mail you the certificate of completion. Please allow 3 to 5 business days to receive the certificate or if you prefer you can call us. We will keep your certificate here in our office and you can pick it up at your convenience.


NOTE: Parents/guardians please understand that a permit is not valid until the student begins the behind the wheel/driver's training instruction and the instructor has signed the permit. Until then, you are authorized to start practicing with the student.


Driver's Training 2 hours

Planning to do the 6 hour program but it is easier to pay as you go? Or maybe you just need extra practice? Pay per lesson. 


2 Hour Freeway Lessons

We understand that driving on the freeway for the first time can be intimidating and stressful. Our instructors are trained to help our students stay calm and focused throughout the lesson. Our installed dual-braking system allows for the instructor the ability to take control if necessary. Lessons include, getting on and off the freeway, lane changes, speed control, as well as identifying and appropriately reacting to potential road hazards.Fear the freeway? Let us help you with that. 


Senior Citizen 2 hours Behind the Wheel Program

We also offer driver's training for our Senior Citizens. Training includes review of the rules of the road with 2 hours of training and prep for the DMV Test


DMV Driver's Test Appointment

Sometimes it's difficult to have a car that is equipped and ready to go for the driver's test. We provide an instructor and vehicle to take you to your driver's test. A good opportunity to ask an Instructor any tips and questions before taking the test.



Driver's Training Cancellation Fee


Online Driver's ED &

Driver's Traning 6 Hrs


Foreign Exchange Student Program

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